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How to Choose the Right Band for Your Event

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Give the people what they want. Some people like Rhianna, some like classical music. Take a survey in your company, or crowd, to find out the common areas of music you can all agree on. Your tastes, like mine, will vary wildly in contrast to you peers, fellow workers, and family members. In other words, don't play only the music grandma wants; your guests will be bored.

Hire Professional Musicians.

Many bands are made up of amateurs masquerading as professionals. Find out how long they've been playing weddings, who they worked for. Get references from previous clients. Make sure to see them at a live performance open to the public.

Ask for special requests in advance. All of the members of the band must learn and rehearse the song that you require. In order for it not to be a disaster you need to give the bandleader a heads up.

Have a plan B. Have a backup band in place in case of an emergency.It's worth it to pay good money for a good band. Performing music is a business. Instrument maintenance costs serious money. Microphones break and must be replaced, Guitar strings need to be replaced. Gas needs to be put in the tank, food needs to be eaten. All of these things must be taken into consideration. By going cheap on the band you insure a lackluster performance. By paying the least amount of money you can you jeopardize the overall level of the band. Professional musicians, because of the nature of the business, are often forced to accept the highest bidder. See The Band Play Before A Live Audience. It's simple. If the band has no following, no one likes their music. See how the crowd reacts to their music. Are they dancing? Are they applauding?

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